CBD is an oil derived from the Hemp plant. The oil that AR Wellness carries is a blend, or better known as AHO. I purchase all my products from HempFx, and have ensured they follow through with all the appropriate third-party testing for quality products. 

AHO does not contain any THC, meaning it does not have those psycho-active properties that give you the “high” feeling. Therefore this product is completely legal and has a larger focus on its medicinal properties. 

All the products AR Wellness carries are oils and taken orally. 

They treat the symptoms associated with the following conditions: pain, mental illness, insomnia, digestive conditions, arthritis, muscular conditions, epilepsy, circulatory conditions, and many more!

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Open the bottle. The lid also contains a dropper.


Using the dropper, drop 3 drops under the tongue and let the oil absorb for 15-30 seconds. Swallow normally. Do this two times per day.
If using the HempFx Relax for sleep, take all of the drops in the evening 45 minutes before you go to bed.


Take the oil consistently everyday. Everyone requires a slightly different amount to feel the effects. If a couple weeks have past and the results are not noticeable, this means the dosage needs to increase. Contact alyssarabwellness@gmail.com for more information. 

*note: each drop is approximately 4mg. This means you will be taking approximately 24mg per day. In a 1000mg bottle this will last for approximately 40 days. This will change depending on the amount the individual requires; everyone requires a slightly different amount to notice effects.